Cover Art for new track Problems by Lyan Paris


20-year-old best friends Ryan and Luke teamed up to form Lyan Paris while growing up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. The name is an amalgam of their first names, with ‘Paris’ pointing to a faraway destination - the kind of place that once Ryan and Luke visited, they would know they had ‘made it’. They discovered rap in high school, idolizing the pain and honesty of XXXtentacion, the versatility of Drake and the confidence of Kanye West. The town they lived in didn’t offer much in the way of a music scene. Instead, the boys honed their skills with a group of friends, free-styling to "type" beats from YouTube and crafting their first original song together on Soundcloud in Grade 9. As Luke and Ryan started evolving their hobby into a dream, they turned their attention to TikTok, sharing freestyles, duets and skits that showcased their personality. Fans quickly fell in love with the duo and within 6 months they had grown to nearly 300k Followers, eclipsing 10m "likes". One duet with Chicago-based producer "P Dub Cookin’" exploded, generating over 4m views in 72 hours. Ryan and Luke quickly hit the studio to develop the duet into “Dimes”, their debut single. To date, the song has eclipsed 5M streams driven by a growing and engaged fanbase.

Lyan Paris describe their music as alt-rap (alternative/emo-rap with a hip-hop core). On their upcoming music, they’re experimenting with different types of instrumentals, tackling synths and how they use their voices. “We’re finding new pockets in the beats and getting more self-expressive,” they share. “We want to give fans an insight into what’s really going on with us and the struggles we’re going through. We’re experimenting with how we can write about personal things like building yourself up after hard times and finding yourself in a relatable way.”

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